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Our trading cards is a web site that we designed to share our collection of sports hobby cards with others. We hope to connect with old friends and make new ones! We collect a wide variety of baseball cards. If you are in the hobby and would like to talk sports, cards and possibly make some trades, we'd love to hear from you!

Ben & Heather Wilson

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A's Super PC - Our Story & Our Mission

My Oakland A's PC began on September 15, 1986.

It was my cousin's 10th birthday and my Aunt bought a box of 1986 Topps. She gave each kid at the party 2 packs. I opened them, but had no idea what trading cards were all about. I got an A's card, although I don't remember who. My dad bought me a few more packs sometime later along with a Beckett Price Guide. I found that I had pulled an Eric Davis RC and that the card was valued at $1.25 (at that time)! I was so stoked to be in possession, at age 7, of something that was worth that amount of money!

From there my dad and I started collecting everything baseball card related. We were flush in the middle of the era now known to collectors as the "junk wax era". I collected hard core until around 1993 when my parents divorced. I always wanted to get back in to the hobby as the years went on, but it was just so hard to find a starting point. 

I found myself going into D&P Cards in Sacramento, CA in 2010. I went in there looking for McFarlane Cooperstown Figures, which the shop owner stocked. Engaging in conversation with him the spark was re-lit. I convinced my wife to let me buy one box of one sport. I gave her the choice and she chose to buy a box of 2010 Topps Flagship football. Although it was fun to open, my passion still resided with baseball and my A's PC of yesteryear.

I went back to the shop and few later and asked, Chris (the D&P owner at the time) to catch me up to speed on the hobby from the past 20 years. He explained to be about auto'd cards, relic/manufactured patches, numbered cards and parallels and everything that was now on checklists, that wouldn't have been back in 1993.

It took me a few years to narrow my wants/needs. I realized, like so many collectors do, that you can no longer collect everything. That was once possible, more or less, back in 1988. Now you have to pick and choose how you plan to invest your finite resources. After a few years of collecting some football and trying to piece together base sets, I realized I didn't care if I had Miami Marlins or Milwaukee Brewers cards. No offense to collectors of those teams, they just didn't excite me.

I bought my last box of cards in 2012, prior to the release of Topps Chrome. For $90 you got a partial base set and 2 hits. I used that same money to buy a complete base set ($25), plus 6 A's autos and still have money left over. I then realized that I only want to collect A's cards. That my PC would always have cards from yesteryear and I still wanted to collect vintage cards from all teams, but my modern day PC would only include A's cards. I spent a few years developing a database of every A's card from 1909-Current that I wanted to collect and subsequently the ones that I already had. 

So that is where I am at today. I only PC A's cards. I don't PC A's players that are featured on previous teams (or their new teams). When a Yoenis Cespedes gets traded to Boston, for example, his A's PC dies. I have a massive Cespedes PC, but I've never collected any of his cards from the Red Sox, Tigers or Mets (nor do I intend to). If a new flashback Cespedes insert comes out with the A's, that I do want! I don't foresee my PC changing ever again. It took me a few years to figure out my focus and now that I am here and I have a completed database, I can enjoy collecting and watching my wants/needs shift to "haves", as I begin to cross them off the checklist(s)!

What We Collect:

Every A's card that has ever been produced that we don't already have in our collection!

Baseball set builder (1952 - Current)

McFarlane Cooperstown Hall of Fame Collectible Figures

Funko Pops

Which Non-A's Players We Collect:

NFL: Adrian Murrell

MLB: Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Jimmie Foxx, Walter Johnson, Other Legends

Things We Are Looking To Add To Our Collection:

We would love to add any cards that are unique from the players that we have listed above.

We would love to add any Baseball Topps and Topps Heritage base sets from 2000-2009. It doesn't matter if they are hand collated. If you have any extra sets lying around from these that you would like to move, please let us know!

Updated January 18, 2018

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